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Sodalite Hemp Wrapped Necklace


Sodalite offers metaphysical properties connected to the third eye chakra, balancing emotions and encouraging rational thought and intuition. Also connected to the throat chakra, it helps you to communicate your truth and express yourself. It enhances self-esteem, helping you to release guilt and fear. Accept and trust yourself. 

Hemp is famous for it's textile strength and it's breathable, porous nature. The ends of hemp fiber are rounded, making it comfortable to wear. Its' fibers are fine rather than course, and so it simply gets softer and more comfortable over time.

Through the contact with skin, hemp may produce a healing effect, having a positive influence on the nervous system. Some sources say that the energy of hemp helps to manifest your desires into existence more quickly, and protect you from negativity.  

Ancient Japanese Shinto Priests used a gohei, a short stick with undyed hemp fibers (representing purity) was used to drive away evil, and hemp was also used to bind marriages to create happiness and demonstrate acceptance. 

Artisan Handcrafted jewelry made in Calgary, AB.

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