All Natural Hemp Grow Mats


Grow microgreens cleaner, faster, sustainably. 100% biodegradable and compostable - all natural, ph neutral. Industrial hemp fibres are intertwined into a biodegradable backing to provide a strong but light environment for seeds to thrive in. Can be used in humidity domes or hydroponic growing.

Using the fibrous byproduct of the industrial hemp plant, Terrafibre™ grow mats are ideal for microgreens, sprouts, wheatgrass and other short rotation crops. Hemp fibres have high water retention (Hemp fibre can hold 1050% of its own weight in water!), keeping seeds wet through germination.Perfect for Microgreens, Wheatgrass, Sprouts

Industrial hemp fibres are separated, cleaned and needle punched to produce a 100% biodegradable soilless growing medium. Fibres are separated through a decortication process without the use of any chemicals and our needle punching technique creates a light texture for roots to easily grow through.

All of the hemp used is grown, processed, and manufactured in Canada. 




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