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Professional Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

$1,899 $2,500

Product Description

Professional Automatic Liquid Filling Machine, the shell is made of high quality aluminum alloy. The food grade DC diaphragm pump and the industrial grade vacuum pump are used to accurately control the liquid level in the filling and self-priming liquid filling method.

Customers are free to choose from three different modes of operation, including manual filling, automatic filling and cleaning modes. Filling speed, turntable speed, and lifting speed can be adjusted.

The machine is equipped with an imported brushless motor to ensure the stability and service life of the filling machine and to work continuously for 7*24 hours. It can be widely used in cosmetics, food, medicine, chemical and other industries. With corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

Machine Parts

1. Diaphragm pump

  • Working voltage: DC12V, 24V
  • Working current: 0.8A-1.5A
  • Maximum flow: 2-3 liters / minute
  • Maximum pressure: 4 kg
  • The highest lift: 10-20 meters
  • Maximum suction: 0.5-2 meters
  • Installation size: 100*73*40(mm)
  • Inlet and outlet pipe diameter: outer diameter 6mm inner diameter 4mm
  • Weight: 0.35 kg

2. 42 stepper motor

  • Low noise
  • Low fever
  • Running smoothly
  • Good acceleration performance



3. Liftable filling Mouth

  • The Filling mouth equipped with limit switch can check if bottle there and the height of bottle.
  • A digital vacuum gauge is also available to monitor the height of the filling level.

4. Positioning turntable

  • The Acrylic positioning turntable can be customized  as your bottle shape, size etc.

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