Hemp Seed Hearts


Hemp seeds are a natural, whole food product that are easily digestible. They are rich in Protein (all Essential Amino Acids), Fiber, Omega's 3-6-9 (Essential Fatty Acids) and many vitamins and minerals. The nutritional facts label looks more like a multi-vitamin than most food labels we've seen. A fully balanced meal on their own, they truly are nature's perfect food for your entire family! 

Hemp seeds have the texture of a sunflower seed (very soft) and taste like a nut. They have a mild, neutral flavour you can add to just about anything! The most common ways to integrate them into your diet are by adding to cereal, smoothies, or salads. You can also eat them by the handful, mix them into dips/sauces/yogurt, or add them into baking. Your imagination is the limit! Visit our Recipes page for more ideas.

Hemp seeds are great for digestive health, joint health, and brain health. They support the immune system, provide balanced energy and satisfy your appetite much longer than most foods. We could carry on... For the best health benefits, we recommend 4 Tablespoons/day for a women, and 5 Tablespoons/day for a man. 


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