Hemp Essential

Hemp-YZZ Citronella Spray


Hemp-YZZ Outdoor Harmony Spray with Citronella is the NATURAL way to be outside and enjoy nature in peace.

Complete with the perfect blend of Essential Oils, feel refreshed and relaxed. Invigorate your senses, uplift your spirit, stimulate your passion for life. This artisan-crafted spray contains oils historically used to repel insects and parasites.

With the Skin-Soothing properties of 100% pure Hemp Seed Oil, the protective properties of Zinc Oxide and Aloe Vera, the cooling properties of Peppermint and the active properties of Witch Hazel, Cedarwood, and others, our Hemp-YZZ will make sure you live in Harmony with Nature. The essential oils will penetrate your skin with the help of the Hemp Seed Oil, and will be used for good and then completely eliminated naturally if not needed.  Your body is a temple.  Cool it - Protect it - Energize it ...  Hemp-YZZ A little Hemp Help for Nature to respect it ...

Safe for the environment and all living things.

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