Hemp Essential

Infused Hemp Seed Oil


Designed for use with an e-atomizer, experience the benefits of hemp seed oil through vaporizing. Whether you are on your way to quitting smoking completely, or have never partaken in nicotine a day in your life, you can now enjoy the benefits of Hemp Seed Oil infused with an essential oil of your choice, combined with the benefits of the essential oil of your choosing. It will leave your mouth pleasantly tingling, fresh and tasty and you know you are giving your body the benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

There are no harmful particles that will be ingested. This experience is rather like inhaling from a diffuser, only now through the mouth piece of an e-atomizer. All that goes in is good …

If vaporizing isn't your thing, you can use it in your home essential oil diffuser to share the benefits with your entire family. Another option is to use it as a breath freshener, or to gain the benefits of hemp seed oil as a dietary supplement. 


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