Sativa Care

Replenishing Facial Toner


Are you ready to invigorate your skin?

Intended for use after our cleansing milk, discover the benefits of an all natural toner that is pH balanced, moisturizing, and refreshing. Your pores will shrink and close, and your skin will have a natural antiseptic layer to fight against the harmful entry of pollutants and debris, which enter your body through the skin.

Complete with the perfect blend of Essential Oils, this toner has the properties to heal problematic skin, including acne, dull/oily complexion, and can even help reduce wrinkles. Stimulates circulation, helps your skin retain moisture, cleanses, and detoxifies. Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral, and Anti-septic are only a few of the historic uses of the healing oils in our recipe.

Blended with live, pure water, witch hazel, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, hemp oil, and a citrus blend of pure essential oils, your skin will become pH balanced and further moisturized. 

Gentle enough to use morning and night, perfect for all skin types.

250 mL/ 8 oz

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